Wonder Innovations, Biodigester Experts In The region

Wonder innovations focuses attention on research, development, production and installation of superior, quality and environmental friendly biodigesters which offers practical solutions in sanitation and green energy at domestic and institutional levels.

The research has drawn the interests of institutions like National Commission Of science, Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI), Mount Kenya University (MKU) and Kenya Industrial Research Institute (KIRDI).

Wonder Biodigesters have received recognition not only in Kenya but in Africa. In 2014 it was rated as one of top ten innovations in Africa by Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) in Abuja Nigeria

The biodigesters have been installed in various parts of kenya for domestic and commercial use. Partnerships has been formed with developers and the concept incorporated in their packages.

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We offer what others promise
  • The active methanogenic bacteria culture supplied with the biodigester reduces the solid waste to liquid and at the same time produces gas.
  • The liquid effluent can be channeled to a soak pit or recycled to flush toilets.
  • Biogas produced can be harnessed and used for cooking by incorporating a Gas storage tank.

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What we offer

Biodigester Consultation & Site Survey

We offer general consultation regarding biodigesters and waste management systems. We survey the appropriate site where the digester will be installed

Supply of Anaerobic bacteria culture

We supply anaerobic bacteria culture for septic tanks and biodigesters. This reduces formation of scum

Delivery and Installation

We deliver and install digesters on site as complete units together with active bacteria substrate and accessories.

What we <span>offer</span>
Biodigester Designing & Construction

We design, construct and effective biodigester systems using the latest technology and materials to the satisfaction of our clients.

Biogas Storage Unit

We design and construct biogas storage unit by harnessing biogas produced by the biodigester upto the user point.

Support, Repair & Maintenance

We offer technical support, repair and maintenance for our biodigester systems.

  • Cheaper than conventional septic tanks
  • Occupies less space
  • Does not fill up
  • Does not need emptying by exhausters
  • Water can be recycled to flush toilets or for irrigation
  • Takes less time to construct and install
  • Biogas can be harnessed and used for cooking or lighting
  • Individual domestic units
  • Residential and Commercial Flats and apartments
  • Camping sites
  • Public institutions such as schools, colleges, Universities, hospitals, government facilities
  • Construction sites

Warranty and After sales service

We offer 5 years warranty and 1 year after sales service
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